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Have I a dream?

Recently I’ve bought very cheaply a small space, 42 square meters, in a small town, in northern Lithuania, for my Vaga Man Art-Studio Gallery. Press – Žagarė, to view the map. It is a beautiful site,  surrounded by stunning nature. Only 80 kilometers from the Baltic Sea. Riga, capital of Latvia, is only 100 kilometers. Lots of reconstruction work needed, but I’m pleased. Therefore I’m raising funds; I need at least 20 000€ for renovation and to set up a nonprofit organization. My dream is to invite as many traveling photographers as possible, like myself, for free, to exhibit their work, make some seminars, workshops, masterclasses and to have a great time. Of course to make new friends and some more pictures! Hopefully, in 3-4 years time, I’ll get it done.