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Who am I?

My name is Rolandas Pocius, call me Roland. I’m 100%, self-taught photographer-artist, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I have been photographing since 2001. My original training was as a seaman. Life circumstances changed, and I had to quit seaman career. The next thing was photography. In the year 2003, I decided that I need to go to college. Photographer career was waiting for me. So I went, unfortunately for some reasons I’ve never finished it. I had no choice but not to give up and learn on my own, and I did. Later on, I started to work with the news agency, wedding photography, studio, but it never worked for me. I just didn’t like it as much as I should. Could not understand what’s wrong. I jumped from one random job to another, covering my bills and photographic needs that way. And it worked perfectly for me. I realized that it doesn’t bother me at all, as long as I can carry on with my beloved photography my way, take pictures when I want and where I want. It is my joy – love. For me, it is meditation and the way of life. If there reward for my photography work, I lose motivation, straight away. I have to cheat a little bit on myself, do it for myself to enjoy, only then it works 100%. Everywhere I go, anything I do is towards photography, this is who I am.

 In the pictures below I was only 18 years old, and it was my first and the last sea job.

What do I do?

I take pictures everywhere I go with any available tools. Film or digital camera or even smartphone makes no difference. It is just a medium to form an image. The final result is photograph anyway, and it is all it matters. I always follow the light and create images in my head first. I photograph everything I feel worth to be documented. I’m not trying to say anything with my photographs, life itself doesn’t need any concept or explanation. It is what it is. The photo is “THE NOW” moment reflection. Therefore I only number my pictures instead of names. I’m not good at writing things, you can see it already. There is no way I can put it in words, so I visualize things. I’m trying to be as honest as I can. This process is my escape without escaping. The final photo-editing I do with any medium that works. One of leading photo labs produces all my prints in Berlin; I instead prefer to focus on composition and editing.

My goal?

To not worry about anything and enjoy every moment of life.

Why choose Vaga Man?

  • A leading photo lab produces all my prints in Berlin.
  • All photographs are printed on gallery-quality, archival, materials and checked by hand.
  •  Years’ of photo-editing experience allows me to ensure the highest possible print quality.
  •  All photographs are given a protective cover and placed in art-secure packaging.
  • My work is honest, and it is apparently visible in my photographs.
  • Dynamic, classical B&W.
  •  It easily complements any interior.
  • All photographs are hand signed with the stylus pen by me.
  • You are 100% safe with Vaga Man. I’m here for your service. The most significant reward for me is that you will have my work on your wall. If you are happy, I’m even happier.

Have I a dream?

Recently I’ve bought very cheaply a small space, 42 square meters, in a small town, in northern Lithuania, for my Vaga Man Art-Studio Gallery. Press – Žagarė, to view the map. It is a beautiful site,  surrounded by stunning nature. Only 80 kilometers from the Baltic Sea. Riga, capital of Latvia, is only 100 kilometers. Lots of reconstruction work needed, but I’m pleased. Therefore I’m raising funds; I need at least 20 000€ for renovation and to set up a nonprofit organization. My dream is to invite as many traveling photographers as possible, like myself, for free, to exhibit their work, make some seminars, workshops, masterclasses and to have a great time. Of course to make new friends and some more pictures! Hopefully, in 3-4 years time, I’ll get it done.

I love Baltic Sea!

I never miss the chance to swim in winter cold Baltic Sea.

My second passion is London City.

London, photographs are my prey!

That’s it, text me!

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