Rafal, Nick and I packed our backpacks, jumped into the van and drove from Birmingham to Hastings. It was late night by the time we got there. Started to be super windy and cold, so we went to the local pub. Few drinks and back to the van sleep. I couldn’t sleep because of cold; my sleeping bag wasn’t perfect. So I got up early, just before sunrise. I never regret it. Fishing boats, tractors on the seashore in February. Say no more; I love it! Thigs I saw just amazed me, the quality of light was five star, even though my hands were freezing. I couldn’t fell my fingers; I felt like thousand needles stabbing my face, it was that cold and windy. In one hour, I photographed everything I could around before full sunrise, jumping from one boat to another. I felt like in paradise. Then I went to the van to wake my friends up, so we could go together to explore the town. Later we drove to the famous Seven Sisters Cliffs.